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A first glance at the “Absolute” gear and body skins

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Now that the next global operation has been announced, it’s time to take a look at the unique class-specific gear that comes with it. A partial namesake, gear of the “Absolute” set lives up to its name both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

“Absolute” gear

The event itself, “Absolute Power” will consist of various activities: daily objectives, case- and item-crafting, PvP and PvE missions for your squads, tournaments and more.

By progressing through the global operation you will be able to obtain unique “Absolute” set gear. Each piece of armor and equipment empowers you with superb stats, while the ghostly neon finish ensure you have your “killing looks” about you.

There will be a total of 7 pieces introduced: a vest, gloves, boots and 4 class-unique helmets.

“Absolute” body skins

Apart from the equipment, you will be able to obtain the unique “Absolute” body skins -- all you could need to instill fear in the heart of your enemy!

Much like the gear, the set features the same color scheme with bright skulls. Crush the morale in enemy ranks, following in the footsteps of the elite “Absolute” squad.

Please note that all permanent equipment and body skins of the “Absolute” series will be tradable on the Marketplace.

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