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“Absolute Power”: Daily Objectives

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Attention! The information on this page is preliminary and can be changed at the “Absolute Power” official start.

Last updated on 28/11/2017


As you already know, one of the major changes in the upcoming global operation: “Absolute Power”, is its internal progression. The old regular missions have been replaced with objectives that will be updated daily, while the rewards will depend on the difficulty levels. Let’s take a closer look.


You will still be able to choose various regions for your operations, though they have become rather arbitrary, merely acting as a starting point.

Each Absolute member gains an access token from the start, future tokens are earned based on personal progress in the operation. Regions are no longer restricted - you can have as many unlocked as you like.

Personal progress is measured by your individual level obtained with experience points. As well as in “Atlas of War” the event includes 100 levels. The amount of experience required for unlocking the next level will be gradually increasing with each level until you reach the 20th one. Further progress will require the same amount of experience.

One can receive experience in the following ways:

  • PVP: Quick Play and Ranked
  • PVE: CO-OP and Special Operations
  • By completing daily objectives
  • By completing Combat Squad missions

VIP Boosters and Mega VIP Boosters will increase the amount of experience you receive.

Apart from providing you with in-game objectives, regions also unlock special missions for your squads, but we’ll get to that later.


The amount of in-game objectives available at the same time depends on the level of your HQ, varying from 1 to 5 (objectives). All objectives are also split into four categories per their difficulty level: basic, advanced, hard and insane, and each objective is assigned a game mode that it can be completed in: PvP, PvE, Spec Ops.

Each level has a corresponding set of rewards that the player is able to obtain. Access to each difficulty level is based on the personal progress:

  • Basic objectives are available to all players
  • Advanced become available at the rank of 5
  • Hard are unlocked at the rank of 10
  • And ultimately, insane are unlocked at the rank of 20

Please, bear in mind that if you participated in the previous global operation “Atlas of War”, the HQ level and all your hired troops will be transferred to the “Absolute Power”.


You can always check the timer to see the next time your objectives are going to be refreshed. The difficulty levels of your assigned objectives is random, but there’ll be more of the basic and advanced objectives that can be completed by most - you’ll be sure to get some rewards!


In order to start an objective you need to select it by clicking the corresponding button. The objective will become active. Please note that without selecting the objective you will not be able to complete it!

After you’ve selected the objective, just head into the game and fulfill its requirements. Your progress may be updated up to several hours. As soon as the objective is completed - go ahead and claim your rewards!

The amount of tasks you can take simultaneously depends on your Headquarters level. If you didn’t manage to complete the chosen task today - don’t worry, it’ll be active tomorrow as well. It is impossible to cancel an objective, so choose wisely! Alternatively, you are always able to complete an objective using Battlepoints.


Completing each objective enables you to claim your rewards. The higher the difficulty, the more valuable your rewards will be. These can range from superb temporary Random Box weapons, boosters, body skins and dozens of other items. Not to mention, specific objectives will come with their own in-game achievements!

Absolute power is coming, join the fight!

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