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“Absolute Power”: Crate Crafting

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Congratulations on completing the first global objective of “Absolute Power”!  As promised, to reward you for its completion we will soon be introducing brand new game mechanics: player-crafted crates.

When will I be able to craft crates?  

?rate crafting will be available starting from next week. For now  the corresponding menu option is deactivated.

What are player-crafted crates? 

The contents of player-crafted crates and the drop rates are determined individually by the participants of “Absolute Power”. You can name these crates and open them.

What can you fill personal crates with?

You can fill your crates with various items available in the separate crate crafting menu. Thus these crates can yield items you have not yet unlocked in your inventory. Note that you can not sell or transfer your crates.

What determines the list of items available for crate crafting?

  • Your personal progress in “Absolute Power”.
  • The amount of completed daily objectives of various difficulties.
  • The amount of full squads you have formed.

Everything is in your hands! Complete objectives and craft cases with top items!

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