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The first global objective of “Absolute Power” has been completed

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Congratulations on completing the first global objective of “Absolute Power”!  As promised, to reward you for its completion we will provide increased server rewards and will soon introduce brand new game mechanics: player-crafted crates.

Increased server rewards for all players

Thanks to the participants of “Absolute Power” the rewards for VP, XP and W$ will be increased by 50% from 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET) December the 1st till 06:00 UTC (07:00 CET) December the 4th.

Don’t miss this chance to boost your progress!

Crate crafting for the participants of “Absolute Power”

Player-crafted crates with valuable items will be introduced next week.


The completion of the next global objective will be rewarded with squad PVP of hired troops, rework of the “Factory” map and more server bonuses!

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“Absolute Power”: Crate Crafting
The first global objective of “Absolute Power” has been completed
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