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Kredit Kashback

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Spend Kredits in the store and we will give them back to you!

If you spend Kredits in the store from December the 1st 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET) to December the 3rd 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET),

you will get them reimbursed on January the 1st throughout the day. Please note that Kashback is capped at 2500 Kredits. 


  • Situation 1: You spend 400 Kredits today and 500 Kredits tomorrow. You get 900 Kredits back on January the 1st.
  • Situation 2: You spend 2000 Kredits today and 500 Kredits tomorrow. You get 2500 Kredits back on January the 1st.
  • Situation 3: You spend 5000 Kredits. You get 2500 Kredits back on January the 1st.


Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your Kashback progress on the website to be recorded.

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