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December Fast Cup and Open Cup Grand Finale

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Do you feel the heat of the battle? The most epic event in the history of Warface eSports is getting closer day by day. But you can do more than just spectate in awe of other players’ skill and precision.

December Fast Cup

Be the heroes of your own stories and take part in our weekly Fun Cup tournaments. Want to reach the peaks of glory but not sure how to start? Join our Fast Cup  tournament on the 16th and 17th of December – all are welcome!  Register and participate to claim prizes and achievements.


All players are allowed to register for this tournament. The time mentioned below is in UTC.

  • December the 7th: egistration opens
  • December the 14th, 18:00:  registration ends
  • December the 15th, 09:00: confirmation stage ends
  • December the 15th, 15:00: seeding / allocation ends, the grid will be posted
  • December the 16th, 12:00: tournament starts
Prize Pool
  • 1st place: 30 000 Kredits to the team + permanent Tournament set for one class and Avalanche camo skins for all weapons
  • 2nd place: 25 000 Kredits to the team + Tournament set for a single class for 90 days and Avalanche camo skins for all weapons
  • 3rd-4th places: 20000 Kredits per team  + Tournament set for a single class for 30 days and Avalanche camo skins for all weapons
  • 5th-8th places: 10000 Kredits per team + Tournament set for a single class for 20 days
  • 9th-16th places: 5000 Kredits per team  + Tournament set for a single class for 10 days

Open Cup Grand Finale

Now to the main Warface eSports event of this season! Over 1000 teams from around the globe have clashed with each other under the banner of Warface Open Cup. The 7 strongest teams are left standing. These teams have earned the right to be a part of our Grand Finale.

Thus, powerhouse teams of Europe and North America will have a glorious showdown with the pros of CIS and Brasil in Moscow LAN-finals. The best is yet to come!

The exact dates of our Grand Finale will be announced later. Today, however, we will highlight the proud finalists.  We want to congratulate them all on getting this far, especially XIII, EXCEPTION and ASTERIA – the latest additions to the dream team line-up.

The participants of the global Grand Finale:

  • North America: XIII
  • Europe: Exception and Asteria
  • CIS: AG, Sluper, ArenaStars and Youngstars
  • Brazil: the representative team will be determined on the 16th of December

We are grateful to all the participants, viewers and fans for supporting Warface Open Cup.

Stay tuned for the Grand Finale dates and may the best team win!


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