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CV-12 is now available!

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CV-12 packs twice the power of a regular shotgun -- if one shot doesn’t cut it, the second one surely will!


CV-12 is based on the DP-12, an innovative concept of a double-barrelled shotgun by Standard Manufacturing, an American small arms manufacturer. Innovations are frequently frowned upon in the gun world, but one couldn’t be more wrong to feel skeptical about this weapon. Essentially, DP-12 is two pump shotguns merged into one: single pump action loads both chambers that are fired in succession.


CV-12 is as powerful as its prototype, and is one of the most advanced Medic primaries in the game. Aside its damage, CV-12 sports one of the highest values in rate of fire and lowest recoil among the pump-action shotguns in the game. While it doesn’t fire both rounds simultaneously, the delay between the shots is minimal -- you can place a follow-up shot in the blink of an eye!

The shotgun’s feed system differs from that of its real life counterpart: it is possible to load up a round one by one.

CV-12 is available in two variants: regular and golden, both available in Random Kredit Boxes. The golden CV-12 has higher damage (660 -> 670) and a larger mag (14 -> 16), which translates into more total ammo carried (56 -> 64).


Double shot

Kill 10000 enemies with a CV-12 or its golden version

Advanced double shot

Kill 25000 enemies with a CV-12 or its golden version

Golden Trains

Kill 999 enemies with a Gold CV-12

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