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Special Operation “Christmas”. Stage 2

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As most of you were thinking, Warface forces hid the second part of the present in Residence XMAS. According to the latest information, their mission is to detonate a bomb in the main building – help Santa prevent this from happening and save the gifts.

He is ready to defuse the bomb but there are two wires running into the timer – red and blue. Which one should he cut?


Be careful, Soldiers, the presents are at stake. 


  • 2000 votes for either emoji will define the result
  • The event takes place on official Facebook page
  • After completing the objective you’ll be able to find a gift code on the Warface page
  • After each completed objective you will get a new one. The more objectives you complete – the more and better gifts you receive!
  • The event will last till December, 22nd

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