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Chernobyl Update - now in game!

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Here comes the new update in Warface! It features new Special Operation "Pripyat", two weapon series, winter holidays, rank 89, more achievements and bug fixes.

Special Operation Pripyat

The most awaited Special Operation is now live! It will be the most epic and large-scale in the history of Warface. Developers have fully recreated one of the most atmospheric ghost towns on Earth. Totally new enemies, sudden dangers and unpredicatble plot twists are there for you.

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This confrontation is a new page in the history of Warface and Blackwood. You will see completely new enemies (drones, soldiers, cyborgs and turrets), as well as the boss encounters you've never experiences before.

The best soldiers will be able to get 20 new achievements.

"Nuclear" weapon series

It will be possible to obtain weapons of a new "Nuclear" weapon series: LMG Kapow, CV-12, Honey Badger, Richmond S22 SAS, R1911D1 and Tactial Axe), as well as the corresponding skins for these weapons.

If you kill 15000 enemies with these weapons, you'll be able to get special achievements.

More about achievements

This update also features a new loading screen made specially for Pripyat.

More about Pripyat

And here is a first part of a comic trailer from Crytek, dedicated to the new special operation!

Like the video? We have a second part that reveals Blackwood's future plans. It will appear once "Pripyat" will be completed on Hard at least once. Give it a shot!

New map - Residence Xmas

Christmas is at hand – everyone prepares to celebrate, even Oberon White himself! His hidden residence is now decorated with lights, Christmas trees and snowmen and the gifts are waiting to be opened. Seems like it has become the perfect place for a Christmas party and you shouldn’t be late to it!

The Christmas version of the map will change the original one for Blitz and for Ranked matches.

More about the map

Winter Holidays

This update features not only the good old Christmas guns and equipment, but also a completely new weapon series - "Radiance". it includes Fazil UE3, Fararm W.S.S. 10, TT-3000, S60B3 and Abada 266 mm: both the skins and the guns.

You'll be able to get special achievements for 10000 kills with these weapons.

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You'll be able to get these skins free for participation in the events (coming live this week) or for Kredits in the game shop. We'll let you know about these events in a separate news, so stay tuned!

New login streak

You'll have a completely new login streak featuring new "Radiance" weapons, which lasts for 12 days. Three missed days will reset the streak.

Press here to see the streak 
Day 1 Christmas Box #1  
Day 2

Abada 266 mm "Radiance"

7 days
Day 3 Christmas Box #1 -
Day 4 TT-3000 "Radiance" 7 days
Day 5 Christmas Box #2 -
Day 6 Fararm W.S.S.10 "Radiance" 7 days
Day 7 Christmas Box #1 -
Day 8 S60B3 "Radiance" 7 days
Day 9 Christmas Box #1 -
Day 10 Fazil UE3 "Radiance" 7 days
Day 11 Christmas Box #2 -
Day 12 Mega VIP 1 day

In-game shop now has special Christmas items, don't miss your chance to get festively locked and loaded!


R1911D1. Increased damage, accuracy and a couple of other characteristics that make the pistol much more convenient to use.

W&S P8. Increased maximum damage, as well as the extremities multiplier. This weapon will be added later.

Rank 89

A new 89th rank, Templar, has been added to the game.

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Other changes

  • PvP, "Plant the Bomb". Now it is possible to drop the bomb on the ground (default button is "B"), so that another team member could take it.
  • Now all the characters appear with their weapons in their hands (withou the animation of taking the weapons out).
  • Sound. The sounds of the following guns have been improved: Karkom, ZX84K, T27, ST-AR.
  • You can no more cancel the slide by quickly moving the mouse in different directions after its start.
  • Auto-balancing in the beginning of the battle has been slightly improved.
  • PvP, "Battle Royale". Quitting the match after death no longer counts to "leaves" statistics.
  • PvP, "Battle Royale". First-time bonus reward has been decreased.
  • PvP, "Battle Royale". Waiting time before the match is now 15 seconds.
  • Rooms with a small number of people (less than 6) waiting for a match now have a lower priority for finding matches. That is, the matching system will less likely add any other players to such rooms. It is recommended to restart the game search in the this case.
  • New movements algorithms are further implemented into the game, now they apply for all matches.

Bug fixes

  • Interface. Marks for 10 and 100 first places "Battle Royale" have been swapped.
  • Interface. The headline for "Available" shop section has been centered for lower resolutions.
  • Interface. Achievement progress bar is now displayed when it's filled less than 2%.
  • Westerner 1887. Reloading animation is now displayed correctly.
  • RMG Custom. Square sprites no longer appear in shooting animation.
  • MS Radek, S60B3. Fixed repair cost.
  • Weapons. Bayonettes of winter and golden weapons dealt less damage than the ones of normal weapons.
  • Spec Op, "Cold Peak". Snow now has a brighter colour when on lower graphics settings.
  • Spec Op, "Blackout". It is no longer possible to complete the Spec Op skipping some parts of the plot.
  • Spec Op, "Blackout". Old walkthrough tips will no longer appear next to the characters falling behind.
  • Spec Op, "Icebreaker". It is no longer possible to see through some of the walls.
  • Spec Op, "Anubis". One of the bugged places has been fixed.
  • PvP, "Battle Royale", "Mojave". Some visual bugs have been fixed, including grass growing through weapon crates.
  • PvP, "Battle Royale", "Mojave". Music will no longer "stuck" in the beginning of the battle.
  • PvP, "Plant the Bomb", "Bridges 2.0". Fixed the situation where it was impossible to get into one of the windows.
  • PvP, "Plant the Bomb", "Bridges 2.0". Some visual problems have been fixed.
  • PvP, "Plant the Bomb", "Bridges 2.0".  Characters no longer get teleported back when jumping from the window next to plant spot 2.
  • PvP, "Bag and Tag", "Coliseum". Some missing textures have been fixed.

Known issues

  • "Nightmare before Christmas" achievement progress has been reset. "Radiance" kills count towards its completion.

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