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“Nuclear” CCR Honey Badger and LMG Kapow are now available

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Master the nuclear power with two powerful guns from a brand new Pripyat inspired “Nuclear” series:

CCR Honey Badger and LMG Kapow. These beasts are now available in random Kredit boxes till 31st of December 2017.

Nuclear CCR Honey Badger 

Nicknamed after the equally intelligent and ferocious honey badgers, CCR is just as savage in the hands of an expert: fired in short bursts, it is beyond deadly.  Learn more about regular CCR Honey Badger.


Nuclear LMG Kapow

Are you ready to survive Pripyat? When tasked with clearing a cyborg wave, there’s no time to reload and as such, there’s no weapon better than a light machine gun: make way for Kapow! Learn more about regular LMG Kapow.

Unleash radioactive beasts!

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