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RGX 160 - now in game

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Sometimes the bond between the weapon and its user has more to do with the feel of the weapon, rather than its mere specs; it’s true that some firearm experts have found themselves more or less attached to a particular weapon depending on how it performs.

That might be just the case with RGX 160 and WAI GRY; if you haven’t gotten your hands on the latter, grab the former and give it a try at the shooting range or in a match – you won’t be disappointed, at the very least.


A quick word about the firearm – it’s a top-tier, high-performance assault rifle that quite simply packs a punch – you can literally feel it even as you knock down target dummies at the shooting range, imagine how it’s going to feel in the field!

As far as rifles of this class go, it’s practically a rule of thumb that high damage translates into high recoil, yet it’s far from the case here – RGX 160 manages to keep it down to an easy-to-control medium. This stacks up neatly with an impressive rate of fire, accuracy when aimed, and effective range – not something to disregard in a weapon that aspires to be universal for any user or environment.

To summarize, RGX 160 is the one to go with if you’re looking for a new rifle that’s both superb and not demanding in use. Available in two variants: regular and golden, it can be found in Random Kredit boxes in the shop.


Italian Elite

Kill 10000 enemies with an RGX 160 or its golden version

Advanced Italian Elite

Kill 25000 enemies with an RGX 160 or its golden version

Italian Future Soldier

Kill 999 enemies with gold RGX 160

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