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“Absolute Power” Battle Points purchase bonus and Headstart bundle

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Winter holidays have arrived and so has the opportunity for a swift rise to the peaks of “Absolute Power”.

Battle Points purchase bonus

Starting from today you can make use of our three one-time offers, enabling you to receive 100% bonus once when purchasing 100, once when purchasing 500 and once when purchasing 2500 Battle Points.


  • You purchase 100 BP – you receive 200 BP overall.
  • You purchase 100 BP again – you receive no bonus.
  • You purchase 500 BP – you receive 1000 BP overall.
  • You purchase 500 BP again – you receive no bonus.
  • You purchase 2500 BP – you receive 5000 BP overall.
  • You purchase 2500 BP again – you receive no bonus.

Headstart bundle

Brand new Headstart bundle will give you a powerful boost whether you are just accessing “Absolute Power” or have already progressed in it.

For those of you who don't yet have access to "Absolute Power" -  Headstart bundle contains:

  1. Access to “Absolute Power” 
  2. 5000 personal experience points
  3. 300 Battle Points
  4. Weapon crates x 5
  5. Camo crates x 5

For those of you who have already accessed "Absolute Power" -  Headstart bundle contains:

  1. 5000 personal experience points
  2. 300 Battle Points
  3. Weapon crates x 5
  4. Camo crates x 5

Experience and Battle Points will help you to progress faster in “Absolute Power” global operation, while weapon and camo crates can yield powerful guns and stylish skins respectively. It may take some time for the experience and Battle Points to be added to your account.

You can purchase Battle Points and Headstart bundle on “Absolute Power” page.


Merry Christmas! 

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