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Absolute Power — third objective reached!

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Some great news just in time for the holidays: the third Absolute Power global objective has been reached! And that means you are about to get a shot at crafting your own unique assault rifle: AK-Alpha, not to mention the increased in-game rewards and the very first Absolute Power tournament with a real prize pool!

Craft your own AK Alpha

For the first time in Warface, you will now be able to craft your own gun! AK Alpha is a cutting-edge assault rifle, a definite must-have for any Warface Rifleman. That being said, it won’t be easy to get.

The rifle can be crafted using the materials earned in battles. There’s a chance to receive the crates containing craft materials in PvP: Quick Matches and Ranked Matches, and PvE: CO-op (on ‘Hard’ or higher) and Spec Ops. This works similarly to how experience is earned — there’s a chance to receive the items at the end of every match.


Individual Absolute Power tournament

Absolute Power members get to participate in their own tournament with a real prize pool. Now that the third global objective has been reached, the individual tournament will become available, featuring a Battle Royale game mode.

Elimination matches will take place on the main game servers. Five top contenders will move up the ladder in each stage, and when it narrows down, they’ll switch to the tournament server and matches will be streamed live! The finals will take place between the top CIS, European and North American contenders. The whole event is scheduled to start in February 2018.

The prize is formed by the players themselves — 20% of each Absolute Power access purchase goes to the prize pool. The prize pool starts at 500000 invested by the publisher. Seeing as there are three international tournaments planned, each tournament receives a third of the prize pool.


Increased server rewards

You will receive +50% more Warface Dollars, XP and Arsenal points on the 13th and 14th of January. Enjoy the extended holidays with Absolute Power!

Most importantly, congratulations on taking down yet another objective! There are two more global objectives up ahead waiting to be unlocked. Good luck on the battlefield, soldiers!

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