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Craft your own AK Alpha!

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We are excited to present a rifle of the legendary AK family, now modernized to meet the harshest demands: AK Alpha! Powerful, reliable and deadly, it is truly absolute. All you need to do to get this prized possession - is to participate in the Absolute Power global operation!

That being said, it won’t be easy: you’ll need the persistence and skill to obtain the materials and finalize the weapon.

Crafting the rifle

The rifle can be crafted using the materials that can be obtained by participating in the global operation. These materials can be found by opening custom crates earned in the game.

There are 6 integral parts required, though they vary by their rarity and require different materials. After you’ve collected all 6 of the weapon parts, you’ll be able to finalize the rifle!

Crates with materials

As an Absolute Power member, you are able to receive crates for your victories in both PvP and PvE. Each of the crates may contain resources of varying levels. There’s a total of 5 resource levels in the event, and you’re going to need all of them to craft the 6 parts.

You can get these material crates for:

  • Daily objectives and squad objectives;
  • Ranked Matches;
  • PvP QuickPlay;
  • PvE Co-op and Special Operations.

There are 4 types of crates: the higher this level, the more time you’re going to need to open it.

Common Crate Silver Crate Golden Crate Platinum Crate
4 hour opening 8 hour opening 12 hour opening 24 hour opening

Apart from that, the level determines the contents of the crate, as you are more likely to receive higher level materials from a high level crate. The materials can also be combined together, thus increasing their level. Which, in turn, translates into greater opportunities to craft the weapon parts!

Every Absolute Power member has 4 slots for crates; 4 additional slots can be added for Battlepoints (100 per slot). You can also speed up the process of opening a crate or change the crate type with a 50% chance.

Crafting process

As soon as you have collected the required materials, you can start crafting the weapon parts. Select the required item and click “Craft”. The item will instantly appear in your inventory.

Weapon parts are required to craft the AK Alpha, though they still can be traded on the Marketplace. You can create any and as many items as you wish, provided that you have the materials for it.

Once you have all the 6 parts, you can craft your legendary rifle. If all parts are collected, just click “Craft” and the AK Alpha rifle will appear in your inventory. The rifle itself can also be sold on the Marketplace, much like any of its parts.

At this time, only AK Alpha is available, but other weapons and weapon skins will be added in future, while the current progress will be carried over into future global events.

Please note that crafted AK Alpha will appear in your inventory. You will be able to transfer it in-game as soon as this gun itself is added to the game.

AK Alpha

This carbine was designed by the Israeli small arms manufacturer, Command Arms & Accessories (CAA) in 2016.

Based on the legendary Kalashnikov rifle, it actually combines the designs of three famous rifles: the Belgian FN-SCAR, American Bushmaster ACR and lastly, the Italian Beretta ARX-160.

At the same time, the AK Alpha has retained its original traits while receiving a range of modernizing upgrades. The new model possesses immense stopping power and has been recognized as a top performer in numerous contests and events.

We hope you are going to enjoy this gun!

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