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Soon in game: “OpenCup” weapon skins

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LAN-finale of Global Warface Open Cup: Season XII is almost upon us! This season had the largest scale in the history of this tournament. To celebrate this - special commemorative skins will soon become available.

The “OpenCup” weapon skins consist of rifleman’s RGX160, medic’s PEG-7, engineer’s WX Metasoma Evo3 A1, sniper’s Atheris GQ50, revolver W&S P8 and Survival Tanto Knife.



WX Metasoma Evo3 A1

Atheris GQ50

W&S P8

Survival Tanto Knife

We remind you that weapon skins only change the appearance of the weapons without affecting the stats. To apply a skin to a weapon you must first possess a regular version of the weapon.

“OpenCup” weapon skins will be available later. We will separately announce the start of their sales.

Look like a champion and be one!

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