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Go Nuclear with Katana and R1911D1

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In Warface a primary gun as well as the playstyle define each class. Yet it’s the secondary weapons that let you modify your playstyle, extend upon the strengths of your primary gun or cover up its weaknesses.

R1911D1 “Nuclear”

You can’t go wrong with Nuclear R1911D1. This time-tested sidearm delivers top-notch performance in both damage and accuracy, easily outgunning most other pistols with a single shot. R1911D1 is a perfect alternative should you require a back-up weapon or a change of tactics.

Katana “Nuclear”

If you are up for a confrontation in close quarters – Nuclear Katana with a stylish radiation-green glow is your best pick. This amazing blade will deliver enough damage to cut through even the toughest anti-melee vests.

The weapons will leave the shop on Monday.

Shatter and reap!

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