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Nuclear One: LMG Kapow shakes the store

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Just like no foot soldiers could resist the swarm of nomadic horse-riders on an open steppe in antiquity – none will be able to oppose you as you unleash Nuclear LMG Kapow in Warface.

Obtain this unstoppable gun in store till 26.01!

LMG Kapow is the true king of delivering devastating damage and sowing sheer havoc among your enemies. Owing to its superb firepower and rate of fire values, this light machine gun is well suited for annihilating foes in precise bursts.

Don’t forget that you have a broad selection of scopes to choose from, including the Fast 3x Zoom MCA scope. You can additionally outfit your LMG with a flash guard or suppressor depending on your playstyle, enhancing its effective range or accuracy. There’s a little room for rail modifications, which is why the gun comes equipped with a deployed bipod for improved sway control and accuracy when firing rested.

Combine the fury of nomads and the curse of Pripyat!

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