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Absolute Power: AK Alpha craft changes

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We have listened to your feedback and simplified the creation of highly desired AK Alpha.

Crate drop chances have been tuned, so that you receive higher grade crates more often. The chance of acquiring silver, golden and platinum crates is around twice as high as it was before and the chance of receiving a common crate has been lowered.

The price of upgrading golden crates has also been lowered.

The chance of upgrading all crates has been lifted. Now this chance is around twice as high as it was before for silver, golden and platinum crates.

The amount of resources required for receiving AK Alpha and its two 4th grade attachments has been lowered as well.

Item Old Price New price
AK Alpha rifle 300 200
AK Alpha suppressor  150 100
AK Alpha tactical silencer 150 100

These changes will help you to create AK Alpha much faster without making the crafting process too easy.  AK Alpha is still the gun that will be available to only the most persistent and productive Warface players.

Don’t worry though if you have not yet started to accumulate the resources – there is plenty of time ahead! All “Absolute Power” participants will be able to create their own AK Alpha even after the global operation is finished.

We will tell you more about this in a few weeks – stay tuned and good luck in combat!

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