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Nuclear Forces: Richmond S22 SAS is out

Categories: Armory

We fear that which we cannot see… and your foes won’t see it coming when you strike them down with Nuclear Richmond S22 SAS. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide – certain demise awaits those who dare to stand against you.

Obtain this death bringer in store till 31.01!

Squad snipers and lone hunters, elite mercenaries and fanatical stalkers all agree on one thing – Richmond S22 SAS does not only meet the requirements, it oversteps the bounds.

This exemplary sniper rifle shares the traits of its prototype delivering high damage at an incredibly rapid rate of fire leaving most of its peers far behind. The key advantage offered by Richmond though is its range – you can land lethal shots even firing across great distance.

Was your nemesis lucky enough to escape the fall on your first shot? Don’t worry – with Richmond’s large clip size you will surely claim your trophy. Keep the suppressive fire on the target, manage the recoil and feast upon the living.

Master the force of destruction!

Please note that all Christmas-related items will leave the shop on 30.01.

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