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Open Cup Grand Finale results

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The decisive battle of Warface Open Cup: Season XII LAN-Finals was electrifyingly action-packed!  AG and ArenaStars were exchanging blows of equal power till the very last seconds – neither of them getting to expand the advantage above one point. Both teams showcased skillful performance and earned a spot at the top of Warface eSports world, but only one team can reach so desired Olympus. In the end AG proved – they are the ones qualified to wear the champion’s mantle!

Congratulations to AG!

LAN-Finals results










Individual prizes:

  • Best tournament newcomer – domzkilla96 (Exception)
  • Best medic – ByBabo (AG)
  • Best rifleman – TrueSquard (ArenaStars)
  • Best engineer – ShaoLin (AG)
  • Best sniper – MagistrYoda (ArenaStars)
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player) – Shkolonik (ArenaStars)

Thanks to everyone who watched our stream on YouTube and Twitch and supported the participants!


You can see even more photos of the event on our official Instagram page. Subscribe and stay tuned!

Increased server rates

Thanks to you successfully completing the contest you will be able to enjoy increased x2.5 server rates for EXP, WF$ and arsenal points starting on Saturday, the 10th of February.

Replays of matches

If you have missed Open Cup Grand Finale stream – you can watch all the matches that took place in the LAN-finals on our promo page.

Promo page

Results of contests

Each registered Warface Player who has visited our promo page will receive a unique stripe. It will be added to your account in a matter of days.

Eternal glory to the champions!

And a big shout-out to all of our international Warface teams that came to icy-cold Moscow demonstrating excellent resilience and skill in the tournament!

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