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OpenCup skins – now in store

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Open Cup Season XII LAN Finals might be over, but the memories of grand battles and victories are still in the air. Gear up with outstanding and bold OpenCup skins designed specifically for the event and show everyone what you are made of.

The “OpenCup” weapon skins consist of rifleman’s RGX160, medic’s PEG-7, engineer’s WX Metasoma Evo3 A1, sniper’s Atheris GQ50, revolver W&S P8 and Survival Tanto Knife.


Price: 700K


Price: 700K

WX Metasoma Evo3 A1

Price: 700K

Atheris GQ50

Price: 700K

W&S P8

Price: 500K

Survival Tanto Knife

Price: 400K

Please note that you’ll need an original weapon to use the skin.

Look good ‘n’ shoot good!

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