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St. Valentine’s Day in Warface

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What better way is there to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day than with your loved and trusted partner – a gun that has accompanied you on numerous battlefields from the sands of Egypt to radioactive Pripyat?

Participate in our crimson event from today to the 21st of February 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET), massacre your opponents and receive the spoils of war, paid for in fire and blood. The more missions you complete – the more rewards you will get!

Event objectives

PvE mission “Crimson Carnival”

Destroy opponents in PvE missions (except on "Practice" and "Easy") or in any special operations and claim the prizes!

1. Kill 500 foes


VIP-booster for 1 day + 5 resurrection coins


2. Kill 1500 foes


VIP-booster for 5 days + 15 resurrection coins


3. Kill 3000 foes


VIP-booster for 9 days + 25 resurrection coins + 75 Battle Points


PvP mission “Cupid’s arrow”

Destroy opponents in "Quick match" PvP and ranking matches (except for "Free For All", "Bag and Tag" and "Battle Royale"). Never shoot to miss!

1. Kill 150 foes


VIP-booster for 1 day + 5 claymores


2. Kill 450 foes


VIP-booster for 5 days + 15 claymores


3. Kill 1000 foes


VIP-booster for 9 days + 25 claymores + 75 Battle Points


Please note

  • The progress is registered only if the match was properly completed – resulting in victory or defeat. Your progress will not be registered if you leave the match or your game crashes. 
  • The missions can be completed separately – after the event is over you can receive rewards both for PVP and PVE parts.
  • The rewards are added up, so for completing all the objectives you can receive 150 Battle Points, VIP-booster for 30 days, 40 resurrection coins and 40 claymores.
  • All rewards except for Battle Points will be added to “My Items” tab on the website throughout 24 hours after an objective is completed. Battle Points will be shown on the “Absolute Power” page.
  • If you do not have access to “Absolute Power” but have completed the necessary objectives – Battle Points will appear on the “Preorders” tab of “My Items” page. As soon as you get access to “Absolute Power” – they will be transferred automatically.
  • You can track your event progress on a special page.

Event Progress

Raise, aim, fire and reload!

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