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February Armory Update

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PEG Bullpup is a familiar shotgun, yet one not to be underestimated. Previously available in the Crown Elite edition, it’s now making a return as a regular (and golden!) weapon in the game.


Saiga-12 — the beast of a shotgun in question — belongs to the AK family of rifles, easily distinguished by its design. The weapon was created to directly challenge the main flaw of pump-action and most semi-automatic shotguns: slow reloading times. No matter how quick you are, the tube magazine just cannot compare to a basic one. Albeit the shotgun has several other variants, it is mostly chambered in 12 gauge and employed in military, law enforcement and civilian defence alike.


PEG Bullpup is a rapid-firing shotgun that’s capable of demolishing any foe even at medium ranges with just 2 to 3 shots. Aside its range and rate of fire, each shot is also capable of delivering considerable damage for an automatic shotgun, while not suffering from accuracy drawbacks in hipfire. While one shot might not be enough to take down heavily armored opponents, you can easily place the follow-up shots with this gun.

PEG Bullpup will replace Fabarm LTR6 in the store.


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