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The catalogue has changed. While BT50 and WX-86 are now gone, new excellent weapons take the stage. Greet supreme Atheris GQ50 and superb S18G.

Atheris GQ50

Atheris the quintessence of the bolt-action rifles evolution. Its damage is capped at the highest levels, the length of its barrel ensures a more than sufficient effective range with the overall design providing superb recoil absorption. This is a rifle that doesn’t just offer great accessories, it comes with them right off the bat: a high-quality folding steel bipod, an ergonomic grip and a muzzle brake designed to provide superior accuracy.

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S18G is a burst-fire pistol with a truly breathtaking rate of fire, a large magazine capacity and high reload speed. Its damage may be lacking but the spray of bullets will bring down your prey nevertheless. It’s a reliable weapon in dynamic environment when you need to offset opponent’s advantage without  being able to aim precisely.

One man’s fate comes from another man’s wait!

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