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Top Gun - A permanent gun for free!

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We have reached  300.000 page likes on our official Facebook page and it's time to celebrate the occasion.

Do you want to receive permanent Kredit weapons? Let's rock this party!

How this event works

  1. Choose a weapon that you want to receive permanently. Once the choice is made, you won't be able to change it.  You can obtain only one weapon in this event. You must start the event and make your choice till 27.03.2018.
  2. Complete the missions with the matching class and earn tokens.
  3. The event will last for 90 days. You can see the countdown on the event page.
  4. Collect 70 tokens and exchange them for the permanent weapon you've chosen earlier! The weapon will then be transferred to “My Items” page on the website. It may take up to 2 hours for this to happen.


How to earn tokens

  • You can complete 1 mission per day. This task is to kill 80 opponents in a day as a chosen class in any PVP modes and ranking matches (excluding custom rooms). The mission needs to be completed daily till 00:00 UTC (01:00 CET).  You can see the countdown on the event page. Please remember that mission progress can take up to 2 hours to refresh.
  • If you complete missions throughout 5 days in a row - you will receive 1 bonus token.
  • If you do not want to complete the missions - you can purchase a set of remaining tokens once you accumulate 35 and 55 tokens.

Weapons to choose from


Fararm LTR6




Persistence pays off!

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