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Absolute Power Tournament qualifications completed

Categories: ESports

Dear players!

“Absolute Power” Tournament qualifications have been completed. Greet those lucky and skilled enough to make it all the way to the Tournament LAN-Finals in Moscow.


  • Absolute Power: Battle Royale (individual tournament) - r0bb and Bonye
  • Absolute Power: Challenge (team tournament) – Exception

It will be Exception’s second trip to Moscow in the period of three months!


  • Absolute Power: Battle Royale (individual tournament) - RedRum
  • Absolute Power: Challenge (team tournament) – XIII

XIII showcased top-notch performance during the qualifications and totally earned their spot in the LAN-Finals!

LAN-Finals in Moscow

  • Absolute Power: Battle Royale (individual tournament): r0bb, Bonye and RedRum will face off against 7 participants from CIS in the claim to the throne. The finale: 10 players in Bo10 (Best of 10) format.
  • Absolute Power: Challenge (team tournament): Exception and XIII will challenge two teams from Russia for the main prizes.

Let’s wish all of them good luck!

Please note that the process of distributing money prizes for the qualifications success will be started once the "Absolute Power" countdown stops - on the day of LAN-Finals.


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