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“Absolute Power” tournament LAN-Finals results

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Last Sunday three segments of the “Absolute Power” tournament culminated in the epic LAN-Finals. The winners of AP: Pro League, AP: Challenge League and AP: Battle Royale were thus determined.

The accumulated tournament prize was growing up to the 1st of April and reached approximately $128800. Each of the three segments got a third of the prize pool.

This Grand Finale was full of surprises – with the outcome of the matches being completely unpredictable even by the analytics. If you have missed the online stream of the Lan-Finals, be sure to check the recording at your leisure.

And now, we present to you the winners of the “Absolute” tournament.

AP: Pro League

Repulse vs. AG


Repulse dominated the peak of AP: Pro League. Congratulations! In the final confrontation Repulse ferociously opposed the many times winner of Warface championships – AG. This glorious victory will no doubt hold a special place in the history of Warface tournaments.


  • 1st place: Repulse – approximately $22563 per team
  • 2nd place: AG – approximately $12893 per team

AP: Challenge League

Unlike the Pro League this tournament segment was international – teams from EU, NA and RU  servers faced off against each other. The Russian team Mure managed to seize victory!


Place Team logo Team name Region Prize per team
1 Mure RU app. $19340
2 Perfect RU app. $12893
3-4 XIII US app. $6446
3-4 Exception EU app. $6446

AP: Battle Royale

This segment is individual with no teammates to watch your back. “Battle Royale” after all allows only one king to sit on the throne. The players went through 10 matches gaining points through each one. Unlike classical “Battle Royale” – the annihilation of foes scored a lot of points, which seriously affected the results table. A RU server representative Hokkman ascended to the throne in the end. Congratulations!


Place In-game name Country Points Prize
1 Hokkman Russia 2025 app. $8608
2 Telch Belarus 2020 app. $7811
3 ..--.ImhoteP.--. Russia 1875 app. $7013
4  .Raklo-_- Russia 1680 app. $6215
5 LloydTM Russia 1600 app. $5419
6  r0bb Latvia 1560 app. $3985
7 Apophis2401 Russia 1500 app. $3188
8 Sokol_FSB Russia 1440 app. $664
9 RedRum USA 1380 app. $531
10 Bonye Switzerland 1070 app. $398

Glory to the winners!

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