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Soon in game: Remington MSR

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Remington MSR, or Modular Sniper Rifle, is the next high-caliber weapon to appear in the game. Created in 2009 by Remington Arms, the rifle was designed to meet the harshest requirements of the armed forces. It is particularly suited for taking down high-value targets at extreme ranges up to 1.5 klicks, and as such will feature the highest effective range of all bolt-action rifles in Warface to this day. Let’s dive into the details.


Following the rearmament program, Remington Arms filed its MSR for the Precision Sniper Rifle competition. After a fierce competition, MSR was selected and adopted in the U.S. Armed Forces.

As the name suggests, the rifle has a modular configuration, allowing for barrel and shutter replacements, which, in its turn, enables its user to quickly rechamber the rifle in another caliber per the task at hand. Traditionally, the upper side features a Picatinny rail for optics while the forend allows to install bipods and other attachments. Folding gunstock is a real marvel, outfitted with an entire system of supports and rests for most optimal contact. Manufacturer claims sub-MOA accuracy at up to 1500 meters, which in essence means the rifle shoots within one inch at the given range.


Remington MSR’s going to be the undisputed champion of long-range shootouts with one-shot capability. Definitely a solid pick for PvP, isn’t it? The golden variant will feature a slightly increased rate of fire and pack a few extra rounds in the mag. The rifle also comes with several available attachments, two of them are unique: a 4x Bushnell Fastzoom scope and a Remington suppressor that increases minimal damage through stabilization. Both variants, regular and golden, will be available in Random Kredit Boxes.


Don’t forget the achievements! You’ll be able to unlock various custom badges for landing killing blows with this rifle.

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