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AC7 SMG Black Shark – back in shop

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Engineers’ main distinctive features are mobility and suddenness. Using explosives and a good weapon, they are formidable, threatening opponents to the enemy team. As such, there’s a great list of demands to an Engineer’s primary: high damage, superior rate of fire, optimal range and low recoil – it’s not that easy to find a perfect gun.

AC7 SMG Black Shark is a submachine gun easily named “second to none”. The deadly combination of an extremely high rate of fire and damage leave no chance to the enemy. As lethal as a Black Shark should be, it definitely earns the admiration. See it with your own eyes:


Shark Bite

Perform 3,000 slide kills using Black Shark weapons

Shark Hunter

Perform 1,500 headshots using Black Shark weapons

Shark Slayer

Kill 5,000 enemies using Black Shark weapons

Cyber Slayer AC7 SMG

Kill 15,000 enemies with Black Shark AC7 SMG

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