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Black Shark SAE Scout – worthy pick no doubt

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When it comes to sniper rifles, they know few equals – few to none, to be exact – in controlling chokepoints, vantage points and alike. As such, marksmen are commonly regarded as stationary, highly tactical units, seizing the control of key positions on the map and denying access to the enemy.

Break that stereotype with the Black Shark SAE Scout! This marksman rifle boasts all the qualities of any bolt-action rifle, ranging from immense stopping power to precision – one of the better bolt-action perks you can rely on and not be let down.

The one quality you cannot take away from this sniper rifle is the increased mobility, whether it’s reloading or slinging speed you’re looking for, or just the sheer comfort of maintaining top-notch situational awareness and exploiting it to the fullest.

Let’s break it down, you’ve got increased selection and deselection speed, which enable you to switch to your secondary if you ever end up in a situation requiring it.

As any Black Shark weapon, it delivers increased damage to cyborgs. Are you headed for a mission with a high probability of a cyborg encounter? This one’s your sure pick.

Apart from delivering extra cyborg damage, the Black Shark SAE Scout allows you to secure a custom achievement for landing a total of 5000 killing blows (with any Black Shark weapon). This achievement comes as a stripe and can be pinned on your profile. Wear it with pride, Shark Slayer! 

Jaws of destiny await!

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