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Nuclear Hope: PEG-7

Categories: Armory

Embrace the unknown as you wake up to ash and dust in Pripyat… This may well be an apocalypse. But permanent PEG-7 will be with you. Always. Obtain it in store till 07.05!

PEG-7 “Nuclear”

Despite its size, PEG-7 has one of the highest damage values in the game — it’s a pump-action shotgun after all. At the same time this glorious weapon is not limited in accuracy and its range remains highly competitive. The lack of substantial recoil is not disturbing at all and makes PEG-7 perfect for landing subsequent shots on your targets — effectively disintegrating them.

Evaporate 15 000 foes with PEG-7 and receive its mastery stripe.

Welcome to the new age of Warface!

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