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Not every gun is clumsy or random: FN FAL features excellent stats that have allowed it to seize the high ground. And if you want to be a cut above the ordinary – obtain swamp green Nuclear or volcano red Earth Shaker Katana swords.


FN FAL comes equipped with a unique tactical grip, DSA-58. This is a considerable improvement in terms of handling the weapon, drastically increasing the accuracy when fired from the hip. Custom high-powered munitions allow it to deal increased damage to arms and legs, as well as grant the gun improved firepower at greater distances. And don’t forget about the laser module!

FN FAL's high damage and range values challenge the usual limitations of the class, which makes it a favorable choice for PvP. Extra range translates into extra seconds to take down classes that need to close in on you, and while facing snipers you’ll be able to win these very few seconds yourself.

Obtain it in store till 07.05!

Nuclear Katana

If you are up for a confrontation at close quarters and out of ammo – Nuclear Katana with a stylish radiation-green glow is your best pick. This amazing blade will deliver enough damage to cut through even the toughest anti-melee vests.

Earth Shaker Katana

When all else fails, it comes to a melee weapon to finish the job. In this case slash ‘em up with the Earth Shaker Katana, leaving but a smoke trail with a flick of an arm. Burn out their will to oppose you!

Witness the true nature of the force!

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