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Dear players!

Hurry up and book the tickets for Warface Open Cup: Season XIII LAN-Finals that will take place from the 8th to the 10th of June in Falcon club, Minsk, Belarus!


The event entry is free, but you still need to book the ticket. Please note that you won't receive an e-mail notification about that, if the website changes and shows you have been registered, the procedure is successful.

The general partner of the LAN-Finals is the HYPERPC company, the leader in the industry of premium-class gaming PCs.

Gifts for visiting the event

The LAN-Finals will last for three days. Arriving to the event on each of these days is rewarded with a separate prize. If you do not arrive at the event - you will not receive a prize.

1st day: GROM Engineer body skin (30 days)

2nd day: GROM Medic body skin (30 days)

3rd day: GROM Rifleman and GROM sniper body skins (30 days)

What to expect at the event?

You can look forward to the epic matches of the finalists, cosplay shows, photo and autograph sessions with eSports pros and famous bloggers, chats with the developers and much more!

How to arrive to the event?

Book the ticket and come to Falcon club located at the following address: Belarus, Minsk, Victors avenue, house 20.



Q: Can I visit the LAN-Finals if I do not possess an ID yet?
A: Yes, if you are accompanied by an adult with an ID.

Q: If I arrive with an adult, do we both need the tickets?
A: Yes, each person is required to have a separate ticket.

Q: How many adults can I bring with me?
A: However many you can handle. But each person needs to book a ticket and bring the relevant ID confirming document along.

Tournament partners

We thank our partners that help us to create truly comfortable conditions for the participants and the guests of Warface Open Cup: Season XIII LAN-Finals.

DX Racer



Logitech G


Prepare for a glorious showdown!

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