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First look at K.I.W.I.: pre-order available

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Dear players!

Are you longing for thrilling action and worthy rewards? A new age of warfare is just around the corner. The never-ending struggle between Warface and Blackwood has left plenty of space for another mysterious force to arise. K.I.W.I. organization makes its debut!

K.I.W.I.: pre-order now

Global operation K.I.W.I. is the successor to “Absolute Power” and “Atlas of War”. This time, there is much more at stake than just gear — when it comes to value, information rules. You will delve into the mysteries surrounding the K.I.W.I. taskforce, gaining access to encrypted and dispersed files as you progress through the event.


Make the first step now by pre-purchasing global operation K.I.W.I.. You will dive right in as soon as the event goes live! Just like before, you will be completing various PvP and PvE missions, levelling your character, expanding your arsenal and inventory, while amassing wealth with marketplace trade. And don’t forget the event-themed tournament with a real prize pool!

Why pre-order now? If you pre-purchase K.I.W.I by 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on 31.05.2018 – you will receive rare in-game items.

5000 ATLAS smoke grenades 5000 Absolute smoke grenades AK Alpha New Desert Camo

We remind you that the listed items are exotic and cannot be currently obtained with in-game means. The pre-order rewards will be added to the players’ website inventory in the beginning of June.

The release date of global operation K.I.W.I will be announced separately.

Unique rewards

As per usual, the K.I.W.I. participants will be able to acquire unique items and gear. We will be gradually providing detailed information on the rewards. For now we would like to share a sneak peek at what to expect.

How do you like it? Many other K.I.W.I. event items will share a similar style.

AK-Alpha from “Absolute Power” has become favored by many. Would you like to obtain another mighty gun like that? You can. Craft an unrivalled TDI KRISS Super V!

A full entertainment specter from the first days

We will be leaving the system of milestones and gradual completion, that was used in the previous global operations, behind. As soon as the event goes live – a range of features will be present for the participants to enjoy. Most of the K.I.W.I. content will be available in the first days from the start


Only the best

We processed the “Absolute Power” feedback that you shared with us in the survey and implemented the changes. Thus we kept the popular features, whereas the other ones were either removed or reworked. Let’s go through the changes:

  • We removed several complex mechanics that required large spending of Battle Points to progress (squad assembly and PVP).
  • Marketplace, game missions and personal progress remain: everything that you love!
  • Crates received for free through in-game activities will be tradable on the marketplace: wealth is at hand!
  • It will be more comfortable to obtain materials for crafting the weapon: engineer’s unique gun is now so much closer!
  • Global milestones have been removed, and you no longer need to unlock additional features.
  • Interface has been improved alongside other technical optimizations taking place.
  • Character level value has been increased, and additional levelling opportunities have been added.

That’s all for now! More articles on the new global operation will be released in the following days, so stay tuned if you want to learn the details.

Pre-purchase K.I.W.I., obtain exotic rewards and be the first to join the new age of Warface!


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