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K.I.W.I.: Quest chains

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In our second detailed preview of the global op, we would like to share the upcoming changes to quest chains.

Attention! The information on this page is preliminary and can be changed at the official start of the global operation.

General Information

Unlike before, quest chains will no longer be bound to a specific continent or area, but Special Operations instead. Each chain will be named after a Spec Op, though this doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to play just Special Operations or PvE alone -- the playthrough will be fairly diverse.

As you start, you will have one quest chain available depending on your current character. The rest of the chains are unlocked automatically once you gain ranked stars.

The chains will contain 11 in-game missions each, and each mission has its own rank and completion criteria. If you manage to score all the objectives efficiently, you’ll earn the max amount of stars. Nevertheless, scoring a single star will be enough to let the player move on to the next mission altogether if they wish to.

In order to start the mission, you need to select it and click “Start”.

Once you’ve fulfilled the criteria to complete a mission for one star, you can put it on hold by pressing a corresponding button. This will pause your progress and enables you to select another mission. Missions that are on hold can be returned to and completed later, though not earlier than 30 minutes after holding.

Just as before, you can have several missions active, as long as they belong to different quest chains. Earning higher K.I.W.I. levels allows you to have more missions active at the same time.

Character missions

As a part of the global operation, you’ll also be able to level your K.I.W.I. character by completing special missions. This doesn’t require logging into the game, and the success chance depends on character level and traits.


Each star supposes a separate reward: the first one awards an item, whereas subsequent stars grant more character experience. All bonus rewards can be found in the description of each mission.

Stars can be earned at any time: whether you complete a mission with full efficiency right away or grab one star now and come back for the rest 10 stars later.

Mission progress can be sped up with Battle points (refer to the tooltip to see the exact cost of a specific mission).

Apart from that, you’ll be able to unlock a range of valuable rewards by obtaining a certain amount of stars. These can be found in the quest chains tab.

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