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Shop Update: ACR is the star

Categories: Armory


There’s no time to meddle around with small fries, make way for the universal assault rifle – ACR. Suited for combat at any range and under any circumstances, ACR possesses competitive qualities, easily surpassing its peers. Superb rate of fire and accuracy – especially if not fired off the hip – make it an ultimate tool for riflemen that prefer to be fast, exact and as a result – unstoppable. Besides, you can outfit the rifle in any way you wish with the vast range of modules: from barrel extensions to scopes and handles, thanks to the Picatinny rail.


Advanced Combat Kill 10,000 enemies with ACR or its golden version.
Superior Advanced Combat Kill 25,000 enemies with ACR or its golden version.
Lethal gold Eliminate 999 enemies with the Golden ACR.

Time to rise, time to shine!

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