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K.I.W.I. equipment set update

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It is time to highlight the benefits of the new K.I.W.I. equipment. This exotic armor will undoubtedly attract any fan of PVP battles.

Disclaimer: the information provided in this article refers to the work in progress and is subject to change.


The first thing that catches one’s eye is the aggressive black and yellow color mix of the set that consists of a vest, gloves, boots and class-specific helmets.

K.I.W.I. vest

K.I.W.I. gloves

K.I.W.I. boots
Increases selection and deselection speed by 20%, provides 30 additional armor points and decreases incoming melee damage by 20% Decrease recoil by 10% and improve hand protection by 20% Increase sprint speed by 5%, protect from damage to the legs by 20% and delay claymore activation by 3 sec

K.I.W.I. rifleman helmet

K.I.W.I. medic helmet

K.I.W.I. engineer helmet

K.I.W.I. sniper helmet
Increases head protection by 40%

The characteristics of the set items may seem quite plain, but do not let the first impression deceive you! All the charm of K.I.W.I. equipment lies in the additional bonuses that the player will receive when collecting the complete set. They are able to turn a timid beginner into a real soldier of fortune, who is ready to turn the course of any battle!

Set Bonuses

The way set bonuses work is extremely straightforward: the more K.I.W.I. gear you have on – the stronger you become!

K.I.W.I. equipment set has been tested to provide effective, yet competitively fair bonuses. The developers have taken the decision to alter the initial parameters to better reflect that.

2 items

Increase reloading speed by 20%

3 items

Improve accuracy by 10%

4 items

Increase protection from explosives by 40 %

Increase head protection by 30%

Increase sprint speed by 5%

Complete K.I.W.I. quests and open crates to obtain the gear of new generation.

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