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Warface CBT I on PlayStation has begun

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To participate in the first stage of closed beta testing, which takes place July 27-30, you'll need a special key. You can get a key on our PS website by clicking the "Signing Up for Closed Beta Testing" button in the upper right-hand corner. By the way, everyone who participates in testing will receive a gift: the Ice Axe, a unique melee weapon! But hurry: the number of keys is limited.
At this stage of CBT, you will have access to dynamic PvP battles, exciting PvE missions, and the Anubis raid in which you’ll go to the Egyptian pyramids. The battle has already begun!
Please note that the CBT is available only in the European region.


  • I received a key! What now?
  • Activate it to get access to the closed beta testing. If you forget your key, it will be here in your profile. Don't forget to download the game client starting on July 26.
  • I didn't receive a key. How come?
  • The test server has a limited number of spots and cannot accommodate everyone who wants to play, so not everyone will receive an invite. But don't despair: this is just the first stage of testing, so you'll definitely get lucky at the next stage!
  • How long will the first stage of closed beta testing last?
  • Testing lasts from 9 am UTC (11 am CEST) on July 27th to 9 am UTC (11 am CEST) on July 30th.
  • How and when will I receive my gift for participating in closed beta testing?
  • When Warface launches on PlayStation, the gift will be credited to everyone who successfully registers and logs into the game during closed beta testing.
  • I received my key, but I forgot it. What should I do?
  • Don't worry, you can find your key in your profile.
  • Can I stream gameplay on third-party platforms such as YouTube?
  • Yes.
  • Can I give my key to someone else?
  • Yes. But remember that the key is unique and can only be activated once.
  • Will progress be saved?
  • No. After the closed testing stage, progress on your account will not be saved.
  • Will there be new stages of testing?
  • Yes, we're planning a minimum of two stages.
  • I want to write a review about the CBT, and also I found a game bug! Where can I report that?
  • Please contact the corresponding section of technical support.
Still have questions? Ask us on social media and we'll be sure to answer them.
See you on the new fields of combat!

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