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Now in game: Micro RONI CAA

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Time to take a look at the next marvel of engineering to enter the armory. Micro RONI is essentially a stabilizer that takes and converts a basic 9mm sidearm into a fully-fledged PDW. The end result is impressive enough, as its striking futuristic design and practicality make this gun a must-have for that top-of-the-line slot in your armory.


CAA Tactical is an Israeli manufacturer specializing in tactical accessories, upgrades and tools aimed at the armed forces, law enforcement and general consumers alike.

The latest Micro RONI model introduced at SHOT Show 2018 features an aluminum and polymer build and unlike similar conversion kits, it does not require sidearm disassembly. Installation takes no more than 5 seconds in a perfect case scenario and enhances the firearm significantly with a Picatinny rail, custom grip, folding adjustable stock and ambidextrous switches for universal control.

Once the sidearm is upgraded into a carbine with the RONI stabilizer, it benefits from greater stability and range owing to the longer barrel. Similar conversion kits may in time prove a reliable replacement to ARs carried by law enforcement, providing superior firepower prior to the arrival of specialized units.

In Warface

The new Micro RONI CAA personal defense weapon is the perfect pick for any game mode thanks to its considerably high damage, soft recoil and a 40-round mag capacity. Its stability yields some impressive results when fired ‘from the hip’. The golden variant will feature the highest ‘hip-fire’ accuracy values in the game as well as an extended magazine.

The PDW comes with several attachment slots and three unique upgrades:

  • Micro RONI CAA Laser Grip -- provides a considerable boost to ‘hip-fire’ accuracy, slightly reduces recoil and crosshair sway
  • Micro RONI CAA Custom Grip -- provides a slight boost to ‘hip-fire’ accuracy, reduces recoil and crosshair sway
  • Hartman MH1 -- 1.4x Fast-Zoom scope.

Micro RONI CAA can be found in Random Kredit Boxes, and landing killing blows with it  will award custom achievements that can be pinned on your profile!

Perfect by design!

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