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Soon in game: Voice chat

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The next update will feature a long-awaited voice chat feature in Warface! It will make the communication between players during the ranked matches even more convenient.


Please note that the voice chat will be available for Ranked matches and Special Operations only. Surely in PvP only your teammates will hear you: your enemies will not intercept your messages.

By default, the voice chat will be switched off. In order to use the new feature, switch it on in the ‘Sound” tab. You can do that both before and during the match.


You can also adjust the volume and mic sensitivity, as well as choose the type of activation. By default, you won’t need to press anything: all the sounds will be transferred into the game according to the mic sensitivity.

However, you can turn on Push-to-Talk option. In this case, voice chat will be activated after pressing the button (default is T, but it can be changed in the “Controls” tab).

If you press the TEST button in Sound options, you’ll be able to check the sensitivity and volume you set, as well as hear how your voice will sound for other players.

Do you like the feature?


Please note that all the information indicated above is preliminary and may be changed according to the test results.

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