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Direct sale: Black Shark XM8 Compact + other weapons

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Another batch of direct sales is already here! Now it's time to get XM8 Compact, Glock 18C and a Tactical Axe - directly!

XM8 Compact

XM8 Compact is a submachine gun easily named “second to none”. The deadly combination of an extremely high rate of fire and damage leave no chance to the enemy. As lethal as a Black Shark should be, it definitely earns the admiration. See it with your own eyes.

Glock 18C

Glock 18C is a burst-fire pistol with a truly supreme rate of fire, large magazine capacity, and reload speed. Feeling cautious about the damage of 50? Triple that number with a neck or upper chest tap and deliver a mind-blowing 150, or more with the last two bullets, provided that you land a headshot.

Tactical Axe

An all-time favorite, the Black Shark Tactical Axe will return to the stores for a brief period of time. Thanks to a highly-durable alloy of unknown origin, a full swing will go through even the ‘Corundum’ vest, while the length of the handle is optimized for a sure grip and increased range.

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