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Soon in game: Ranked Games update

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Dear friends!

Many players love Ranked Games and enthusiastically take part in the competition. In the nearest update we are planning to improve this mode. The main concept lies in keeping the mode foundations intact, while adding more tactical variety, making it more entertaining and taking it closer to the format of official Warface Open Cup tournaments.

In the future the participants of Ranked Games can expect new rewards: unique achievements and camos. We would like the first league entry to be an even more important occasion and the players reaching it - to stand our proud with commemorative stripes and prizes! New rewards will not be added to the game immediately - they will be thoroughly tested first.

Disclaimer: the information provided in this article refers to the work in progress and is subject to change.

About the changes

The coming update will introduce the changes in a range of mechanics utilized in Ranked Games. The competition rules will be slightly amended and the UI will be improved. In the future we plan to increase the rewards for reaching leagues in Ranked Games.

Changes in mechanics

The underlying principle remains the same: you need to press onward to the first league and if you suffer defeat in a series of matches – you will be pushed one league back.

Fighting your way in each league, you need to grasp several victories instead of one. The higher the league, the more determination you will need to showcase. At the same time, if you have been struck down, you will not lose your progress immediately: you will have a chance to retaliate by winning a series of matches. If you don’t make good use of this opportunity and continue scoring low, you will find yourself in the previous league.

League number Victories required to advance
From 22 to 20 1 victory out of 2
From 19 to 15 2 victories out of 3
From 14 to 8 3 victories out of 5
From 7 to 1 5 victories out of 7

Bonus activated for the victory streak will be working in a slightly different way than before: if you have achieved three consecutive victories in the last matches of the previous league, then in the new league one victory will be automatically granted to you. You can see an example below.

League number six


Bonus for a victory streak has not been activated: you will not be granted an additional victory in the league number five.

Bonus for a victory streak has been activated: you will be granted an additional victory in the league number five.

New rewards

The list of rewards for reaching the new leagues has been amended. New achievements for the successes in Ranked Games will appear. Conquering the first league will be awarded with special boxes with new camos as well as plenty of rare stripes. Each season the rewards for reaching the first league will be changed – and this way, they will be truly unique!

An example of camo for conquering the first league

 Examples of seasonal achievements for conquering the first league

A mark of Ranked Games participant

A badge for the strongest Ranked Games participants

The other achievements for taking part in ranked games will also be saved.

We will tell you when the awards appear in-game through our future articles.

Please note that the appearance, description and conditions for receiving these rewards can be changed.

Restricted weapons and gear

To equalize the chances of the players and to make the battles more coordinated and tactical, it has been decided to impose restrictions on certain weapons and equipment. When creating the list we used the guidelines described ibn the regulations of Warface Open Cup tournaments. The restrictions will help players to organize regular training sessions in Ranked Games and get used quicker to the eSports dimension of the game. It is quite possible that for many the renewed Ranked Games will be the first step towards pro eSports.

It is prohibited to use the following items:

  • Any automatic or semi-automatic sniper rifles
  • Seasonal items with characteristics that are different from the original ones
  • Festive weapons
  • Anti-personnel and seasonal mines
  • Frag grenades except for standard ones
  • Any equipment protecting from the first shot
  • Gear that replenishes HP and AP
  • “Absolute” gloves and vest

Items allowed at Ranked Games will be marked with a special symbol  . If you equip prohibited items, you won’t be able to start the match in Ranked Games.

Recently we told you about another change to Ranked Matches - voice chat. You can learn more about this feature from this article.

Disclaimer: the information provided in this article refers to the work in progress and is subject to change.

We hope that the veterans of this mode will appreciate the changes. The renewed season of Ranked Games will come out with the new update and will enter its test phase. Then, according to the test results, we will look into the possibility of increasing rewards and introducing unique achievements and camos that you could see in this article. So stay tuned.

Good hunting, soldiers!

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