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Enfield L85A2 Custom in store

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This time our offer will satisfy the taste of both the appreciators of Direct Sales and Random Box lovers. 

Till the 7th of September you can purchase regular Enfield L85A2 Custom directly or attempt to get both regular and Golden versions from the respective Random Box.

A custom 3 round burst British bullpup assault rifle. It has high cyclic rate of fire with minimal recoil. The L85A2 is the revamped version of the L85A1 with improved internal and external components. As a result, these rifles are recognized as reliable, very accurate and easy to use.


British Army

Kill 10000 enemies with Enfield L85A2 Custom or its golden version

Advanced British Army

Kill 25000 enemies with Enfield L85A2 Custom or its golden version

British Bullpup

Kill 999 enemies with Gold Enfield L85A2 Custom

Bite it to the bone, never let it go!

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