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K.I.W.I. Global Operation will end soon

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K.I.W.I. Global Operation will end on the 1st of October. We know that every global operation participant dreams of assembling unique AK Alpha or Kriss Super V Custom, so now is the time to make your dream come true!

Disclaimer: some information provided in this article refers to the work in progress and is subject to change.

AK Alpha

Kriss Super V Custom


For you to assemble unique event weapons faster – we have added the opportunity to receive Tier 5 resources from all crates. Of course the lower the crate tier – the lower the chance of Tier 5 resources dropping from it. Yet such chance remains! The drop rates of Tier 5 resources from Platinum crate have remained the same.

Common Crate

Silver Crate

Gold Crate

Platinum Crate

We remind you that crates can be obtained for “Quick Play” PvP, ranked matches and special operations. The keys can be obtained the same way or purchased in the “Keys” tab for Battle Points.


After the Global Operation comes to an end, its participants will be rewarded according to their successes. Plenty of achievements await!

Achievements for mission accomplishment

Achievements for participation in tournaments

Achievements for personal progress

Achievements for K.I.W.I. weapon kills

Achievements for class equipment collection 

Achievements for character missions

The players will receive the unlocked achievements once the Global Operations ends. The achievements will be added to your website inventory, and you will be able to choose which server you want to transfer them to.

Master this challenge!

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