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Regular, Earth Shaker and Golden ACR CQB in store

Categories: Armory

Engineers, rejoice!

Till the 11th of September you can purchase the regular and Earth Shaker versions of ACR CQB directly or attempt to get the regular and Golden versions from the respective Random Box.

ACR CQB is an SMG variation of the Advanced Combat Rifle that provides better mobility. The original ACR has been developed by a United States Army program to find a replacement for the M16 assault rifle.

Earth Shaker version of ACR CQB, made out of an unknown material in a secret laboratory.


Golden ACR CQB has increased damage, RPM and clip size.

This beautiful weapon will no doubt peak the interest of collectors and fashion connoisseurs! Apart from its stunning looks underpinning excellent taste and high status of the bearer, ACR CQB will prove to be no less deadly than other monstrous machines of war used by Engineers.

Don’t forget about a special golden stripe to further stand out!

Make 999 kills with Gold CCR CQB and be at the “Top of the Food Chain”.


Dominate in style!

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