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Next update bringing: HCAR

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The next update will be featuring yet another addition to the Armory — HCAR will be the first semi-automatic assault rifle in the Warface! Take a closer look at the specs and you can tell the gun shares more with sniper rifles than with your traditional Rifleman toolkit.



The Heavy Counter Assault Rifle was introduced to the global market fairly recently, in 2013. Albeit innovative, it’s based upon the time-tested BAR M1918 light machine gun design. And you can tell it aged well — HCAR weighs less, customizes more, and keeps its .30-06 caliber! The 406-mm world is something otherworldly — it sports oval-shaped cavities that keep the barrel cool under intense fire, and comes with an AAC flash suppressor, adjustable 3-position gas regulator, hydraulic buffer and a Mil Spec telescopic stock.


The rifle is set to revolutionize gameplay in Warface, and is the first semi-automatic weapon for the Rifleman. Whether you’re a Rifleman ‘main’ looking to try something new, or a veteran Sniper looking for an easy transition, this is hands down your best pick.

HCAR deals double damage to body and limbs, sports considerably high damage — enough to knock most of them down. These great qualities are offset by recoil and a limited capacity, as the mag carries only 20 rounds.

The golden variant brings an increased rate of fire and an expanded mag capacity. Both regular and golden variants will be available in Random Kredit Boxes.


Landing killing blows with HCAR will provide you with unique achievements, unlocking stripes/badges/marks that can be pinned on your profile.

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