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Kredit weapons trade-in

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Are you in search for powerful weapons of a certain series? Now you can trade-in regular Kredit weapons for their themed versions with a small fee and vice versa! The trial version of this service will work till the 19th of November.



Now our website features the trade-in of Kredit weapons for their themed versions. You can change regular guns for "Earth Shaker" and "Black Shark" models (or vice versa) for a fee of 500 Kredits. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain desired weapons with a low cost and also to get your hands on special achievements linked to the themed guns. This offer will also interest those who already possess weapons of certain series - by trading them for regular versions, you can use any camo per your preference.

Please note that this is a trial version of trade-in service, so the choice of guns is limited to two series.

For example, regular Steyr Scout can be traded for "Black Shark" Steyr Scout with a fee, while "Earth Shaker" ACR - for the regular ACR and so on. The full list of weapons available for trade can be found below as well as on the service page.

"Earth Shaker" weapons trade-in

Type 97

"Earth Shaker" Type 97 


"Earth Shaker" SIX12


"Earth Shaker" ACR CQB

McMillan CS5

"Earth Shaker" McMillan CS5 


"Earth Shaker" ACR


Mossberg 500 Custom

"Earth Shaker" Mossberg 500 Custom


"Earth Shaker" SCAR-L PDW


"Earth Shaker" AX308 

Glock 18C

"Earth Shaker" Glock 18C

SIG Sauer P226 C

"Earth Shaker" SIG Sauer P226 C


"Earth Shaker" Katana
"Black Shark" weapons trade-in


"Black Shark" FN SCAR-H 

Fabarm STF 12 Compact

"Black Shark" Fabarm STF 12 Compact

XM8 Compact

"Black Shark" XM8 Compact

Steyr Scout

"Black Shark" Steyr Scout

Glock 18C

"Black Shark" Glock 18C

Tactical Axe

"Black Shark" Tactical Axe

Saiga Bullpup

"Black Shark" Saiga Bullpup

Trade-in rules

  • You can trade-in only weapons from your inventory in-game.
  • It is impossible to trade a weapon of one class for a weapon of another class (for example, SMG for an assault rifle).
  • You can only exchange versions of the same weapon.
  • The trade-in works both ways - regular for themed and vice versa.
  • Golden versions cannot be exchanged.
  • Temporary items cannot be exchanged.
  • The new gun will have 100% durability even if  the durability of the original weapon was less or higher.
  • The trade-in only works for one server. After the operation is complete the new weapon will take the place of the traded one on the same server.
  • For one successful trade-in operation you need no less that 500 Kredits on your account.
  • The fee is the same for any trade-in.
  • The operation cannot be cancelled after it is confirmed.
  • You can trade-in weapons an unlimited amount of times during this service being active. 
  • The list of items up for exchange can be expanded in future.

Expand your arsenal horizons!

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