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Soon in game: LWRC SMG-45

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The next game update will be featuring a new Engineer primary: LWRC SMG-45. This is a submachine gun designed specifically for American law enforcement agencies, coincidentally showing the highest damage values of all Engineer weapons in the game!


SMG-45 by the American manufacturer LWRC has been surrounded by a veil of mystery, prompting a lot of speculation about its features and performance. Designed to withstand the harshest combat environments and conditions ever conceivable, the SMG underwent rigorous testing through several generations before receiving a ‘seal of approval’ in the eyes of its own manufacturer and the law enforcement of the United States. Chambered in .45 ACP, this SMG traces its roots to the H&K UMP family and magazines.

In Warface

In terms of combat specs, LWRC SMG-45 is a hulkier version of the UMP. It can dish out the highest damage of all Engineer primaries and is capable of killing with a single shot to the head. To offset this strength, we’ve given it a lower rate of fire, harsher recoil and restricted its effective range. SMG-45 also comes with two unique attachments:

  • LWRC SMG-45 1.3x collimator sight
  • LWRC SMG-45 angle grip: increases accuracy, substantially reduces recoil, increases weapon selection / deselection speed

The golden version of this SMG features gorgeous looks and higher stats.

The new submachine gun will be available in Random Kredit and Crown boxes.

Landing killing blows with LWRC SMG-45 will unlock custom achievements.

Please note that the specifications listed above may change per test results.

Get ready for a taste of freedom!

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