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Our Facebook community recently crossed a new threshold: we now have more than 325,000 likes. There’s a army of us, and our numbers grow every day. Thanks to every one of you who helped us reach that, and, as promised, we’re giving bigger rewards in the game all weekend!

Earn 50% more Warface dollars, XP and ArsenalP until December 10 09:00 UTC.

Do not let this incredible opportunity pass you by. You can increase your rank, unlock items, and earn a whole mountain of Warface Dollars. What’s especially nice is that the bonus stacks with other boosters.

New Objective

We are sure that’s not the limit: our next mission is to reach 330,000 likes. As soon as our goal is reached, we’ll show our generosity again with increased rewards. Join in and invite your friends. The more the merrier!

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