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Next Update Bringing: “Sanctuary”

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The next game update will be premiering a new PvP Free for All map: “Sanctuary”. Queue up for FFA and you might end up on a Pacific island, similar to the one you’ve seen in the Special Operation “Sunrise”. This new location will help refresh the gameplay for veterans and provide even more diversity for the newcomers!


The game mode wasn’t random —“Free for All” is a highly popular go-to choice for both having fun and warming up before a serious match. Our choice of the game mode defined the map structure and design: Sanctuary is asymmetrical, much like many other Free for All maps, which only enhances the map, making it more authentic.

We’ve opted for the same eastern setting as depicted in Special Operation “Sunrise”. However, seeing as this is a PvP map, objects have been overhauled to make the map and the environment more “readable”. Apart from the setting, Sanctuary and Sunrise share lore connotations and hints on the next special operation. After all, it’s the location of Noda’s residence, a double agent operative infiltrating Blackwood on behalf of Warface.

Apart from the rich oriental architecture, mountainous landscape and cherry blossoms, the atmosphere is once again enhanced by one key element — a temple in the middle of the map, housing a golden dragon statue. Plentiful inscriptions and paintings, Japanese rock gardens and other decorations supplement the composition and ensure your venture into Sanctuary is completely authentic.


Sanctuary combines thrilling aesthetics and action-packed gameplay. Throughout its development, the map received immense attention from the team to make it a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.

The map can be split in three key areas:

  • Waterfall residence
  • Road
  • Temple

Versatile Riflemen will make the most of the open grounds by the temple and in the waterfall residence courtyard, mobile and destructive Engineers and Medics will dominate the closed quarters in scattered buildings and alleys, while Snipers best take to the vantage points at the edges of the map for better map control.

It’s worth noting that one of Sanctuary’s distinctive features is the channel crossing the map that will help you cover your tracks and escape pursuit.

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